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Vicki is a Musical Theater performer and puppeteer. She was born and raised in California and currently resides in New York City. Besides traditional forms of theater, she works in immersive theater, improvisation, and sketch comedy. When not performing, Vicki loves to give back to the community by teaching acting to kids through several different organizations throughout New York.

Vicki is also a board member of FACT Theater Company.

Vicki Oceguera headshot
Vicki Oceguera Headshot
Vicki Oceguera headshot
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Up Next!


Vicki just filmed a project in partnership with Rockefeller Productions and Eric Carle where she is teaching arts and crafts to kids at home.

She is also currently performing "The Kindness Project" with AhHa! Broadway; playing a wise-cracking, loud-belting class clown.

And she also just started the new season at the New York Aquarium, bringing singing puppets to families all summer long.


Vicki recently finished as the Female Swing for "Disney's Winnie the Pooh Show"; going on for Piglet, Roo and Kanga many times throughout the run. (More exciting news about that coming soon!)

She also recently filmed a commercial as well as two Feature Films. And in May she performed in a cabaret performing back-up, as well as solo vocals.


The Wildlife Conservation Society outreach team features 13 shows in Rep - bringing environmental science to kids all over New York City using puppetry and musical theatre. 

Winnie the Pooh
Vicki Oceguera puppet.jpg
Vicki Oceguera puppet.jpg

Demos and Highlights

"Good Morning Baltimore"
"The Trolley Song"
Comedic Monologue
"Where the Boys Are"
"No Excuses" pop/rock
Dramatic Monologue
Puppetry Reel

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